Crack Chicken and Potatoes

4-8 chicken thighs bone in, SKIN ON (v. important)
5 or so chunked up waxy potatoes like yukon gold or red
Olive Oil
Seasoning salt
Favorite seasoning blend

Put all the ingredients into a large bowl. Drizzle a good amount of olive oil over everything. Add your seasoning and be generous. Mix it all until the chicken and potatoes are well seasoned. If it ends up bland this is the step where it went wrong.

Dump the whole lot onto a rimmed cookie sheet. Flip the chicken to be skin side down and work it into a single layer.

Bake at 425 for an hour. Turn the chicken and the potatoes over after 30 minutes. When the chicken skin is crispy and the potatoes are well browned and crunchy on the outside you are done.

If you over crowded your pan then increase the baking time until the chicken and potatoes are crispy chewy.